Wednesday, May 23, 2018

White of the Paper

Intemperate, jigsaw reduction woodblock print in progress

You have seen a few close-ups of this print lately. In this one, you can really see how the white of the paper works with all the inky layers around it.

This is the effect I was looking for all along. We still have to see how the whole image comes together. The goal was to finish them by the end of May and it looks like that will happen. You will be the second to know.*

*The first to know are email subscribers. You can become one here.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Making a Splash

Close-up of a painting in progress

This painting has three dogs in it. This is Coast, running through the water in a tide pool.

You will have to wait to see the others. 

Unless you come to the Open Studio on June 2 from 12- 5 at the Western Avenue Studios, #334, in Lowell, MA. That would be another way to see the whole thing...

Friday, May 18, 2018

Shapes and Textures

Intemperate, jigsaw reduction woodblock print in progress

These close-up photos allow you to see some of the textures inherent in working with wood.

Ink does its own thing sometimes. We let it because sometimes what the ink offers is more interesting than what we might have thought to do. Shapes in nature are rarely consistent in color and value - here we have some sparkly lights showing up in some places and some gravely darks in others.

Often looks like what light looks like when it hits water and rocks, don't you think?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Rule Breaking

Intemperate, jigsaw reduction woodblock print, still in progress

It is white-line Wednesday and this is a jigsaw. But one of the reasons I wanted to make jigsaws after printing white-line woodcuts for a bit was because I knew there would be a white-line element to the jigsaws. 

When the block is cut into pieces, some material is lost to sawdust. That means that sometimes, the pieces don't snug right up together perfectly all the time. The key is to make that part of the design. For example, in the photo above, you can see that the brown rock shape and the green ink directly to the right of it have a varied white line in the middle of them. 

In this print, I wanted to really push the white of the paper. I carved a lot of wood the very first layer.

As the print progressed, it seemed like there was too much white. I was hoping I would get over that feeling, but I never did.

After months of thinking about it (ok, fretting, really), I have decided to add more blocks and print more shapes. That makes this print not a strict reduction, but who really cares. 

There isn't a "Reduction Division" of the Printmaking Police. There are a lot of busy-body types who love to geek out over printmaking terms who get a bit heavy-handed at times. There are juried events that might take definitions very seriously and if they say "Reductions Only", this print would be excluded. But none of these folks wear badges and none of them are the Boss of Me. 

Which is why I am adding blocks to my reduction. And liking it. You saw a close-up shot of the foreground greens the other day because I really like how that is turning out.

Other areas that changed in this layer are in the rocks - I planned all along to add a dark brown to the top area of that shape and a middle grey to the bottom of it.

The bummer is that I still think there is too much white..... So I am adding more blocks. 

Don't tell me I can't. It is my print and I'll add blocks if I want to.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Small Part of a Large Print

Close-up of Intemperate, 24"x18" jigsaw reduction woodblock print in progress

After months of knowing that this large print wasn't done, but having no idea what to do, I have finally added some more ink. This is the foreground as it looks now. I also added some ink the the rock areas. I'll share that another time. 

I was hoping that the print would be complete after these changes, but I'm not feeling it. I think I know what to do and I will try it very soon and get back to you.

(I just went looking for an old post to share with you and I didn't find one. I guess we haven't talked about this print here yet. That's ok. I was posting videos on instagram - here is one that shows the print coming off the press two layers ago.)

Friday, May 11, 2018

More Good Homes for Prints

Appledore Blue, 6"x8" jigsaw reduction woodblock print

The printmaking exhibit at gallery blink is now over and while that is sad, there is happy news too.

You already know that a House on Ocean Point sold at the show, but one of these, Appledore Blue, did too!

Jealous? I have more, so check out the website or contact me if you would like to add one to your collection!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Sitting Gull

It is time to print another one of these. 

This block has no border around the image, so I attach it to a jig to print. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any border on the paper either.

The jig has ink from other projects on it too. Blues, greens and browns.... 

Hmmm. Sense a theme?

Probably water and rocks. Just a guess.
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