Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Large Print in Progress Part 6

© 2014 Hannah Phelps

Yes, we skipped one. I forgot to photograph the layer just before this one when I added dark brown to the yellow rocks and light blue to the middle part of the water. You'll have to use your imagination to fill in the gap.

This layer is all about drama - the dark blue at the top grabs attention and solidifies the composition by tying into the dark browns. 

I love the seaweed on the left-hand rocks, if I do say so myself. Nice shapes with plenty of life in them.

At least three things need to happen now - a little something to all that pink at the bottom*, a darker green to the middle water, and another layer at the top too. 

Too much time past between the last layer and this one. I tweaked the ink formula slightly and the ink dried faster. I think I will be able to work on it again as early as next week!

* Don't doubt my pinks here - when you get to stand on the granite coast of NH, you will see how pink it really is.
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