Monday, November 17, 2014

Low Tide Seat - classic block

© 2011 Hannah Phelps

In the last post, you saw a new print from one of the first white-line woodcuts. This block isn't quite as old, but it's also a "classic" at this point. 

Yesterday, I printed a new impression for the Paradise City Art Festival in Marlborough, MA this coming weekend. And reminisced about its creation.

Wanna hear the fun story behind this block?

Odiorne Point State Park, in Rye, NH, hosted an event for artists a few years ago. We could have access to the seaside park for a week to paint or draw or whatever we liked. On the last day, there was a small exhibit of finished pieces.

Instead of painting, I completed two white-line woodcuts from start to finish - plein air printmaking!

While I was drawing and deciding which rock and tide pool combo to immortalize in wood, I noticed that this gull stuck around for a long time. Long enough to sketch for sure. But I was certain that if I started drawing him, he would fly off. So I tried to interest myself in other things.... and he stayed on that rock.... 

Inviting or teasing?

Finally, I turned to a blank piece of paper and scratched away with a pencil. The gull didn't move until the drawing - rocks, water, weed and all - was complete. He flew away before I carved the block, but that was fine. I had what I needed and in the final print, he'll sit there forever.

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