Monday, January 25, 2016

Adding the Sea

© 2016 Hannah Phelps

Three different colors rolled on last week - some light, light ochre in the foreground on the sand, darker gold in the middle ground to define some tide pools and wetter sand and blue to separate water from sky.

The next layer is a very simple one* - just darker blue added to the water. This print (and its buddy) is taking the same road as Sand Pools, which would mean that four layers will be it. But I am letting these prints tell me when they were done. Especially on the second of these two prints, because there is a land mass on the horizon that will need something extra. You'll see that next time.

*So simple in fact that I nearly completed all 58 of both prints for a total of 116 in one session. I stopped to make sure I photographed this third layer and, well, just because I could.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sand on the Other Side

© 2016 Hannah Phelps

This is the companion print to the one you saw yesterday. Because the colors are the same for all the layers, they are being inked and printed at the same time. In case you forgot, these prints depict different points on the same beach, with the already finished Sand Pools in the middle.

Not much else to say about it right now. Layers 3 are also complete, but not dry enough to photograph. Here is a sneak peak:

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Blue and Yellow Swap Places

© 2016 Hannah Phelps

Meaning, some goldeny yellow is now on top of the blue in the middle to lower part of the print and some light blue is on top of the the palest yellow in what will be the background of the image. 

Sea, sky and sand all shaping up. The dark mound in the foreground got a dose of golden-yellow too. It is fun to play with laying the same ink on top of different colors and at different stages of the print. It may or may not help the print maintain cohesion even though the block is literally cut apart. 

It definitely simplifies mixing, which makes it worth considering every time. 

Although, transforming a work table into a colorful mess is kinda fun.

Monday, January 18, 2016

More Beaches

© 2016 Hannah Phelps 

Eventually, you get what was promised - a look at the second of two prints that are in the works right now.

This beach scene fits to the right of Sand Pools and the print you saw last time was designed for its right. Hopefully, all three will hang nicely together. Or any two of them. We won't know for certain until they are all done.

Since they are little - only around 6"x8" each - I can fit two on the press bed of the E-24 at my new "office" - D.M. Penny Press.

And since they are same colors, I can use the same rollers too. The photo below is really from layer two, but you get the idea.

Layers 2 are done and Layers 3 are nearly complete as well, so there is plenty for you to see very soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Return to the Beaches

© Hannah Phelps

A few weeks ago, you saw one of these in a drying rack. You were told that the second layer would hopefully get done before the end of 2015.

Well, the beginning of 2016 is good too. One more day in the printmaking studio and all prints will be covered in a second layer of ink.

Remember, I am running two different blocks through the press at once, so you can see a close up of the mate to this one next time.
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