Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Speading the White-line Woodcut Wealth

Evening Wave, Monhegan Island, white-line woodcut print

This weekend is the big event and I am very excited!

Saturday and Sunday some lucky people will learn all about white-line woodcuts and how to make them. With the knowledge and skills they acquire in two days, they will be able to create woodcut prints for the rest of their lives.

That's life changing stuff! Once you have learned to draw or paint or print, the world never looks the same to you.

Together, the students and I will investigate compositions, colors, techniques, shapes, tools, paper, and all things white-line woodcut. And we will spend some time on my favorite topic - how to make "mistakes" turn in to what we really wanted after all.

It is going to be a fun weekend, I promise. 

It isn't too late to join us, but you are running out of time. To sign up at the last minute, click here!

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