Thursday, August 24, 2017

A Break During Dog Days

Measure, a little more than six months old, enjoying a hike in Acadia National Park.

I went to Acadia National Park for the first time last week. For years, people have been telling me that I have to go there and paint.

I did half of that. I went and camped and hiked and ate a lot of seafood. 

I had all of my supplies for three different media just in case I felt like working. I enjoyed all of the scenery immensely and a lot of it reminded me of Home - the woods where I grew up north of Portland, ME, Rye, NH where I watched waves crashing on rocks for hours as mosquitoes and greenhead flies feasted on me every summer as a kid, and my grandparents' home on an island near Rockland, ME.

Acadia is my first visit to any National Park. This seems odd - most of my life I have lived only a few hours drive from this one and I had never been. And there is something wrong about an American who has journeyed all the way to Australia twice but never seen the Grand Canyon.

Somehow, all this added up to the decision to just look, relax and appreciate the environment, my dogs and husband, and a short break from my responsibilities here in New Boston.

I didn't even take many photos - a few of my puppy, Measure, who has now already been to a National Park as a baby. Lucky Dog. Maybe this will be the first of many for her. And me.

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