Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Another Workshop Complete

 New carving tools**

Last weekend I taught another white-line woodcut workshop to a bunch of very nice, industrious students. This time, it was at the League of NH Craftsmen's headquarters in Concord, NH

I sorta forgot to take pictures of their work and I sorta didn't want to. I am sure they would have allowed me to post their new prints here, especially because they did some lovely work. I just have a hang up about it. I don't want people posting my work all over the place without careful thought and permission and that makes me extra cautious about others.

Anyway, each student finished two totally different designs and printed each one at least once. That meant they got to acquire some carving skills for the first block and then push themselves a little on the second one. And they each used two kinds of paper, which is always a good exercise.

They were a fun group and I hope they continue to print now that they have some new knowledge.

The next workshop has not been scheduled yet, but there will be at least one next year. If you want to make sure you know about it in time to sign up, subscribe to my monthly newsletter by clicking here and filling in your address. You'll get images of my work and photos of what I'm doing and a handy schedule. 

**When I show students the knife I use to carve white-line woodcuts, I point out that the handle was long when it first came and I had to cut it down to fit my own hand. I just ordered some new tools for the jigsaw reductions and I thought I'd show you the handles before I cut them.

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