Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December Moon

 Sky block for December Moon

In the last couple of weeks, I gathered all of the unfinished, unsigned prints that I had started this year and just got ‘em done. They are now signed, numbered and cataloged and ready to post. You can see them below.

One of these prints is something I’d started in the summer - a multi-block print of a full moon setting over some dark trees. The inspiration for the image was the moon setting in the early hours of a December a long time ago - 2011? maybe 2012? - that I had seen from my front porch. 

The morning sky wasn’t dark, but it hadn’t lightened much yet either and the colors were dusky pastels where they weren’t deep purple. That first moon got me thinking that I should try to paint it the next morning, but I am ashamed to say that I missed arising from a warm bed in time to paint the scene from my freezing porch. 

I tried to set it up other years, but again I either wimped out or awoke to a cloudy sky with no moon to see. So I missed it year after year. This moon isn’t like the January moon or the February moon, so if I don’t capture it in December, I have to wait a whole year. 

For whatever reason, this summer, I decided I would try the print anyway. I knew what I wanted my sky to look like and the trees are always in the same spot. And I remembered that the moon is on the pale side during these special occasions. 


December Moon, 10"x8", multi-block print

The moon is a lot bigger in the print than it ever appears in real life, but other than that, I got the sky I wanted and I had fun carving the trees. 

A few months passed and I nearly forgot that I had printed the winter moons. When I saw them while rearranging my studio, I signed and numbered them and shared them with my newsletter subscribers. 

One of those lovely people bought one and I shipped it on Monday morning. I don’t know about any of you, but I noticed a beautiful full moon on Monday morning - setting into a dusky pink and purple sky over some dark trees. 

There is something special about that - shipping the first of these prints to its new home on the morning of the 2017 December Moon. The last full moon of the year, in fact.

If you are interested in the December Moon print, or any of the ones below, you can click on their titles for links to Etsy, or contact me.

Vanguard, 16" x 24", jigsaw reduction woodblock print

  Leaves in Winter, 10" x 8", white-line woodcut print

Pumpkins and Buoys, 10" x 8", white-line woodcut print

 Veiled House, 10" x 8", white-line woodcut print

 Afternoon in Tenants Harbor, 7" x 11", white-line woodcut print
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