Monday, June 4, 2018

Last Open Studio in Lowell

#334 in the Western Avenue Studio building in Lowell, MA

Last Saturday was the monthly Open Studio in the WAS building in Lowell, MA. It turns out, it was my final Open Studio there.

Leases are renewed in July and I have decided not to stay. The reasons are mostly boring, but the hour drive from New Boston to Lowell is the main one.

It was an educational few weeks. Mostly, I learned that I don't need to go anywhere to create. I like working there - the light is perfect is for painting. But I can make it perfect here too.

Also, it will soon be time to paint more outside and there aren't enough days in the week to paint in Lowell, print in New Boston and plein air paint.

There are still some paintings to finish up there, though, so I won't completely move out for a couple more weeks. 

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